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janet russellJanet Russell is a psychic medium, spiritual advisor and television host for one of New York’s top cable access programs titled Beyond the Unexplained. The show has been seen across the country for years. Janet has made guest appearances on many cable programs with interviews that range from her predictions for future events to communicating messages from people who have passed over. She has also co-hosted radio programs on the paranormal as well as television specials in Britain. She recently expanded the scope of Beyond the Unexplained by launching two new televised shows titled When Spirits Connect and The Spirits Within.

Janet has worked with police investigators on such cases as the infamous Katie Beers kidnapping, a case where a nine year old girl was miraculously found alive seventeen days later. Janet had been the only psychic to state that Katie was chained by the neck, describing the area where Katie was being held. Janet has also worked with the New York Police Department on several murder cases during her career.

Janet had actually predicted the TWA Flight 800 tragedy and, in early September of 2001, warned a gentleman employed at the World Trade Center to be careful, stating she felt ‘a great sense of danger at the Trade Center’. Sadly, this gentleman perished on September 11, 2001, in the World Trade Center disaster.

Janet has been doing psychic readings for the past forty years. After a near death experience in 1993, she found that she had a renewed gift for communicating with people who have passed over.

Janet is known worldwide for her insight, credibility and on target predictions. She has done many fundraisers as the main attraction and is known for her help with fundraisers in the local area. Her experiences have been written about and documented in many books and magazines including those of Brad Steiger. She has appeared on A&E’s Paranormal State, Haunted New York with Emily Frances, which was nominated for an Emmy, as well as Psychic to the Stars on PIX Channel 11.

Janet has an extensive mailing list and does her own advertising, sending out monthly announcements on her upcoming appearances at local venues. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, her community involvement and public appearances always benefits the venue she is working with. Janet believes that if you have a gift, then you need to help others.

Janet currently resides in Medford, New York, working on several new projects including a much anticipated paranormal conference for the Long Island area. She is available for phone sessions, home parties and group sessions. She is always interested in working with new venues as well as TV and radio events. Gift certificates are available upon request.

To request Janet Russell for a conference, lecture, seminar, public event or interview, please click here and contact her today.
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